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Who I Am

I'm Amanda Cree and I'm a Rider Posture, Movement and Fitness Coach. 
  I work with riders both on horse and off to address common positional, balance and movement problems, with a view to helping them sit better, move better and ride better!

The aim is a well-aligned and balanced rider, who understands their body and how it moves in the saddle, sits softly yet securely and moves with fluidity, and can apply effective aids quietly and independently.

I have a mobile studio that can come to you, with a variety of strength, mobility and fitness training equipment, and Ace, the UK's only 'JOKER the Horse Simulator' rider balanced and rider powered simulator! 

While my website is having it's update, to add some exciting new services I can now offer, do contact me on any of the methods below to find out how you can work with me.


Hyperion Equestrian Centre,  Exeter, Devon.


07846 206201



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