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About Posturide

If you’re a horse rider and owner you’ll know only too well the time, work and money that goes into our equine partners. Whether it’s stabling, grazing, feed, shoeing, tack, physio treatments, saddle checks, vets bills….when you want the best for them, and for them to be at their best, the list and its resulting bills never seems to end.


As a horse rider you’ll also know how rubbish we usually are at spending the same amount of time and money on ourselves! But as the horse is only half the partnership, it’s more important than most of us realise to invest in ourselves too. Time and money spent on your horse will reap even more benefits if you make sure you’re operating at your best as well.


Why get your saddle checked and adjusted and your horse all tension and wonkiness free, only to pop yourself and any unhelpful movement patterns or wonkiness back on? Isn’t that setting yourself up for more regular repeats of said saddle and horse work than might otherwise be necessary?!

Inspired by my own soul-horse, sadly no longer with us, I founded Posturide to help other riders improve their body awareness, alignment and movement capacity.


My passion for this has taken me beyond my BHS training to become a Level 3 Pilates Mat Instructor, an Equipilates Biomechanics Trainer and a Franklin Method Equestrian® Ball Certified Instructor and I’m in the process of adding to that to become an Advanced Equipilates Trainer and a Franklin Method Equestrian Pelvis Trainer. I know that by helping riders become more balanced, softer and to move in harmony with their horse, I’m helping them look after their most important (and expensive!) asset: their companion, their best friend.

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