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What Riders Say

"When I retired two years ago, I decided to start riding again and realised I needed to improve my fitness, joint mobility, muscle tone and core stability. I hesitated trying Pilates as I had not done anything specific for a very long time!

I tried one class and loved it, everyone was friendly and supportive, the classes and I now attend weekly.

I ride most days and occasionally attend clinics and fun rides, and have found I’m more supple, my balance, core strength and muscle flexibility has improved so much from when I took that first class. Which is fantastic given that I’m in the older age group!

I highly recommend it, and now you can join online classes too. I didn’t think that would be for me either, but hey, I’ve done it and that’s great too!" 

Hannah Eyles - Pilates

"I had an ABC session to have my seat corrected and to check my straightness. The before and after picture was a revelation! With very small, but important, adjustments Amanda helped me get a better, straighter and more efficient seat that will improve my riding and half halts. Now I need to have another session on my horse!" 

Emma Voysey - Franklin Method Equestrian

Beverley Myers - Pilates

"Just wanted to say I've done 3 classes & I'm really enjoying them!  They've made me much more aware of my posture going about everyday life,  & my back is so much looser. 

I'm going to keep doing it every other day! Thanks for doing these online classes" 

Lotta Blomsbergsson - ABC

"I loved our session today! Thank you so much. I had no idea what to expect and it was really useful and informative. And eye opening! Such a much better way to approach things; to fix the rider first which then allows the horse to do its job in the way it’s being expected to."

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